Christmas BBQ Masterclass


The Aussie BBQ Christmas is a tradition – so come along to the Flamin Grillas Christmas Masterclass and learn all our tips and tricks to bring your Christmas A Game!



Come and join us on the 10th of December for an incredible day packed with delicious food and great learning environment!

The event kicks off at 10am and continues until approximately 4pm. All you need to bring is yourself and maybe your own campchair if you prefer ultimate comfort. But don’t worry, we have enough seating options too!

We’ve got you covered with refreshing drinks throughout the day, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized. And oh, the food! Imagine indulging in a day-long feast with a variety of mouthwatering dishes. And guess what? We might even surprise you with a delectable smoked cheesecake to end the day on a sweet note!

But that’s not all, as we want to make sure you take home lasting memories. You’ll receive a take-home pack filled with a recipe book and some delightful rubs to kickstart your own culinary adventures at home. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with food, fun, and a lot of passion!

Details in a nutshell:

When:  December 10

What to Bring: Yourself! (maybe your own camp chair if you’d like)

Where:  Grillas HQ – 317 Andrew Rd Greenbank


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