Oren Pink Butchers Paper (Peach Paper)


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Oren Pink Butchers Paper Commercial Roll

With this Pink Butchers Paper, 1000ft roll, you can cover a brisket, line your BBQ trays and tables, or even wrap a gift for your fellow wood fire friends with the Pink Butcher Paper Roll.

This ‘Insulating Wrap’ protects and cranks up the internal temp of meats while continuing to smoke and keep the crusty bark dry!

Pink Butchers Paper Roll is an FDA approved paper and keeps your meat moist by sealing in the juices, but is breathable enough to protect that hard-earned bark and allow additional smoke flavour in.

Peach (or pink) butcher paper has been around for a long time, but it’s growing popularity in the food service industry has truly taken off in the past few years. Ever since Aaron Franklin became a national celebrity chef by teaching us all how to perfectly smoke a brisket using pink butcher paper, this colourful and functional paper product has taken the BBQ world by storm. Professionals and backyard enthusiasts alike have realized the power of pink. Of course, there’s a lot more to peach paper than wrapping a brisket. It also holds its own as a highly versatile material for wrapping prepared food, storing fresh meat, lining baskets and trays, and much more.

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