We are lucky. QLD has been on the lower end of the Coronavirus Pandemic cases, and as such a few events have been allowed to continue on the condition that they have a COVID safe plan approved, and the guidelines are followed throughout the event.

This is EXACTLY what the BBQ Roadshow team did! They planned one of the few BBQ Competitions that has been able to be held throughout 2020! QLD Govt approved the plan, and away she went….

We weren’t competing this time…. we were vendoring the event. We were completely blown away by the support of you all, both old and new customers who came up to say g’day and sample our various food options! We also introduced our full Merchandise Line on the day – and we are SUPER excited to share it with you online very shortly. It will ALL be available for you to purchase here!

The event went off, the band rocked, we enjoyed ourselves, and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves too! The atmosphere was amazing and social distancing seems to be becoming a social norm. Hopefully we’ll see a few more of these types of events coming through with the right approvals, and safety measures as needed (or even better – we will no longer need them to be in place!).

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