Flamin Grillas Low & Slow BBQ is a small family owned and run business. What started as a small smoker being given as a Christmas present has grown into a passion with our Pitmaster Chris wanting to share his love of American BBQ with friends and family. The passion didn’t end there…. the joy this style of food brought him became a family affair with his wife Roz learning the skills, and our 2 eldest children converting from being picky eaters to becoming BBQ addicts! This sparked entry to the American BBQ Competition scene where spectators were able to sample the ‘que cooked. The joy and lip smacking sounds only spurred on the idea to bring this to the general public and brings us to where we are today, sharing our love, passion and unique flavours from our smoker to your plate. We sincerely hope you enjoy our food and the experience that Low & Slow BBQ is.